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All Attendees 18+ Require a Criminal Record Check

The safety and well-being of our youth delegates is a priority. For this reason, all GOV attendees 18 years or older, require valid Criminal Record Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check (CRC-VSC) in advance of the event. This applies to everyone attending, including:


GOV Criminal Record Checks need to be received by BCAAFC before February 2, 2024

Due to the huge number of registrants and participants, a current (dated anytime AFTER January 1, 2023) and clear CRC-VSC file with the BCAAFC prior to arrival at GOV.

For the safety of our delegates, all participants at GOV must have a CRC completed and on file with BCAAFC to attend the event. If you arrive at GOV without your CRC-VSC being complete, you will not be able to stay and you will not be issued a refund.

How to Complete a CRC-VSC

As a Delegate, Chaperone, and Volunteer

Option 1: BC Services Card


You will need your BC Services Health Card


Click the Criminal Record Check


Enter the internal access code: 2LMZZ4EHQ6

Option 2: No BC Services Card

Learn more about applying for the BC Services Card here! It can be useful for accessing lots of government services.


Request letter for volunteer support from Registration Coordinator


Visit your local police station with a letter for volunteer support

Option 3: Already have a recently dated CRC vulnerable sector check

If you have a Criminal Record Check from January 1, 2023 to the present date, email a copy to [email protected]

How to Complete a CRC-VSC

As an Exhibitor, Speaker, Facilitator, and Sponsor

People attending GOV in a employee/contractor capacity are not able to access the free checks available to volunteers.

Option 1: Contact local police department


Find your local police department here and follow the steps to complete a request for a CRC-VSC.


BCAAFC will provide you with a letter with the information you will need.

Option 2: Use your 2023 or 2024 CRC vulnerable sector check

If you have a Criminal Record Check from January 1, 2023 to the present date, email a copy to [email protected]

Checks can take up to six weeks to process

We recommend you begin the process of completing your CRC as soon as you register for GOV.

Guests from outside of B.C.

All guests from outside of B.C. (including delegates, chaperones, volunteers, speakers, and exhibitors) are required to submit a clear and current Criminal Record Check-Vulnerable Sector check to BCAAFC prior to February 2, 2024. Please follow the guidelines for your home province/territory/state to complete it. A letter with contact information and a description of the event will be provided to you upon request to assist you in completing this requirement.

Need Help?

Be aware that many online CRC check systems do not include a vulnerable sector check and do not meet the requirements of GOV. Ensure that you are completing a check that includes a vulnerable sector check! If you need help please reach out to the registration coordinator [email protected]