Youth Emcee


Interested in engaging delegates and ensuring the event runs smoothly and on-time?

Youth DJ


Interested in performing for over 1000+ Indigenous youth at the dance party?

Keynote Speaker


Interested in speaking to and inspiring a large audience of Indigenous youth?


Interested in showcasing your musical talents, dance moves, performance art and more?

Energetic, entertaining, inspiring, motivational and engaging Indigenous talent is always a big part of GOV!*

New this year – Youth DJ & Youth Emcee

We are offering an Indigenous youth (ages 14 to 30) the opportunity to shadow leaders in the industry! Apply as Youth (DJ/Emcee) for the chance to work with the GOV (DJ/Emcee) and learn all the ins and outs of the business. You will be mentored during the entire week of GOV, all expenses paid.

*All entertainers, DJs and keynote speakers must provide a recent CRC-VSC in order to participate and/or perform.*

For more information regarding entertainment, please contact:


(250) 388-5522