GOV Account Registration

Gathering Our Voices has launched a GOV App to help coordinate and facilitate the event each year. The App will be the hub for all things Gathering Our Voices.

Users will find a link to access or download the app here on the GOV Website. The app will be available on any browser or as a downloadable application on most mobile devices and computers. We encourage users to use Chrome or Edge for the best experience, though it will function on all modern browsers.

GOV App Launch

October 23, 2023

Avoid technical issues on registration day, save time on entering information, and stay up to date on all things Gathering Our Voices by creating an account in the GOV App. We encourage users to use Chrome or Edge for the best experience, though it will function on all modern browsers.

Get the GOV App!

Users will need to have the following information ready when registering:




The system will also ask for the following information, though it is optional:


Phone Number

It is highly recommended all users register an account ahead of the ticket sales, in order to save time and avoid technical issues the day of.

Ticket buying is a simple process, but time can be saved by creating a GOV account ahead of time.

Each ticket purchaser will receive an invoice from Square and a confirmation from the GOV system. It will contain their order number, and their invoice number. Waitlisted orders will only receive a confirmation email about their waitlisted tickets from the GOV system.

GOV Ticket Launch

October 30, 2023 at 10:00AM PST

Additional Important Information

Maximum ticket limit of 12 for each purchase

Tickets are $250 each

Ticket purchases must include chaperone tickets

There must be one chaperone for each 5 youth under the age of 18

All attendees 18+ must complete a criminal record check

Tickets can be paid for immediately or later

Once tickets are sold out, the waitlist will start to be filled

Chaperones must be 25+ years of age

Delegates must be between the ages of 14 and 24 on March 1st, 2024

After Registration

After tickets are purchased, users can enter their group information in their Group Profile, including any important group information the GOV team requires.

Users will be able to invite their delegates sometime in February, allowing delegates to set up their profiles and enter their information.