Health and Safety

Why Health and Safety?

Health and Safety regulations and guidelines are implemented to foster a sense of safety and belonging for everyone. If you need extra support, please reach out anytime through the conference to your chaperone or a GOV team member.

GOV Regulations

  • After the event, delegates and chaperones must return to their accommodations by 11:30 PM 


  • No substance use on the premises included but not limited to alcohol, vapes, smoking and other recreational substances 
    • The exception to this policy is the cultural and ceremonial use of Indigenous traditional medicines such as tobacco, sage, cedar, and sweet grass. The GOV team needs to pre-approve the use of these before the event. If you plan on using any plant medicines, please email:


  • No violence of any kind will be tolerated 
    • Please report any concerns of violence, bullying, or harassment

GOV Guidelines

You are a representative of your community. Others will look to you and follow your lead.
It is important to set a good example and remember; it is a matter of respect! 

  • Respect for all participants at the event, people of the host organizations (staff, volunteers, guests, presenters and service personnel), communities and territories we are hosted by.


  • Respect for the social and cultural values of people from all communities and which territory we are on. This also includes regulations and standards of the organizing body and host community.
  • Remember, as a youth, you have the right to
    • have a sense of safety and request support
    • be heard, respected and treated with compassion
    • participate and be involved on an equitable basis  

Dance Party Guide

  • We invite all attendees/chaperones to attend and leave event together.  
  • Youth under age 18 must have a chaperone must arrive and leave with them
  • Dance doors close at 8:30 pm
  • No substance use 
  • Bag checks will be required prior to entry  
  • Water and snacks to be provided (no external food or drinks please) 
  • Make a song request! 

All GOV attendees 18 years old and over – including delegates, chaperones, volunteers, exhibitors, facilitators, speakers, and staff – are required to have a current, clear CRC – Vulnerable Sector Check on file with the BCAAFC prior to arrival at GOV.