Rules & Guidelines

GOV guidelines revolve around respect:

Respect for all participants at the event including Elders, delegates, chaperones, volunteers, guests, presenters, and service personnel. This includes respecting everyone’s social and cultural values.

Respect for the people whose communities and territories we are hosted by.

Respect for the regulations and standards of BCAAFC, the venue, and host community.

Everyone has the right to be respected and to have fun

Delegate & Chaperone Rules

* The exception to this policy is the cultural and ceremonial use of Indigenous traditional medicines such as tobacco, sage, cedar, and sweet grass. The GOV team needs to pre-approve the use of these before the event. If you plan on using any plant medicines, please email: [email protected].

Dance Party Rules

The Dance is an all-ages party featuring live music from talented Indigenous artists! Safety is our top priority, both at the Dance Party and throughout GOV. All patrons attending the Dance Party must follow these simple rules:

  1. All attendees must have a visible GOV wristband to enter the event

  2. Entrance doors close at 8:30 p.m. (no ins and outs)

  3. Youth under 18 must have a chaperone present who arrives and leaves with them

  4. No substance use 

  5. Youth and chaperones will have the option to keep their bags with them or leave them securely at the coat and bag check. All bags, purses, and packs will be searched. Any substances will be confiscated, including vaping supplies and cigarettes

  6. No external food or drinks (water and snacks will be provided)

Age Policy

Delegates must be 14-24 years old. All delegates under 18 years old must have a chaperone to attend GOV activities.

Chaperones must be 25 years or older. Chaperones are required to be with their delegates during the duration of GOV. For every five delegates under the age of 18 years old, there must be at least one chaperone.

Criminal Record & Vulnerable Sector Check

Every person attending GOV over the age of 18 must provide a valid Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check (CRC-VSC).