Volunteer Applications open

Volunteer Applications open

Volunteers are a crucial part of our event! We could not host this event without the help of hundreds of volunteers each gathering. Please apply here to volunteer.

  • kyle Harry
    Posted at 21:29h, 12 December Reply

    im willing to help any way i can

  • Alex Starblanket
    Posted at 02:04h, 18 June Reply

    Hi. My name is Alex Starblanket I’m 35 years old and iam a recovering alcoholic.
    Anyone who is reading this PLEASE send to head office.
    I grew up in a small reservation in Saskatchewan also known as ahtahkakoop first nation also know for the most crime and drugs related activity. After I have become one whole year sober I have been worried for our next generation and so forth. I’m battling to stay alive at this point cause iv have kidney failure so now I’m attending the hospital here in Kamloops until I find a donor and until than I wanna speak to the children about alcohol abuse. How it can ruin your life without knowing. This has happened to me throughout the years iv been drinking and I finally got the message. I almost died. So if you can please have me as a speaker at your conference at gathering our voices I’d be happy to speak. My buddy has gave me this option his name is Elija sterling mack. He thought this would be a great idea for me to get up and speak to the youth. About where my life has taken me from alcohol abuse.
    My name is Alex starblanket you can find me on faceboom as Alex Starz. Thank you for your time. I hope iv made an impact on who ever is reading this.

    • gov-team
      Posted at 22:30h, 18 June Reply

      Hi Alex,

      My name is Asia Munro, and I am the Interim GOV Coordinator. I am currently in the Indigenous Youth Internship program, and I just want to thank you so so much for sharing your story. It seems like you have been through a lot, and I really appreciate your courage for speaking up about your past, and your struggles.
      If you would like to apply to be a speaker at the conference you can sign up for our newsletter which will send out important information regarding GOV, and important dates such as speaker applications. We do need all potential speakers to go through the application process, because each application is decided upon by the steering committee for Gathering Our Voices.
      Your story has really impacted me, and I think it could impact a lot of other people too, so please take the time to apply to be a speaker. Even though it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted as a speaker, just know that there will be many other opportunities to tell your story. It doesn’t end here.
      If you have any more questions please feel free to email me at govcoordinator@bcaafc.com

      (Thank you, I am grateful to you)

      Asia Munro

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