There’s a workshop for everyone!

Youth workshops are valuable opportunities to brainstorm, learn a new skill, get physically active, and/or test your abilities with like-minded youth. With over 100 different workshops to choose from, there is a workshop for everyone.

All workshops are designed with the goal of making Indigenous youth voices stronger. They aim to help youth become better leaders, understand and celebrate their culture, take care of their personal well-being, and plan for their future career and education.


Workshop Timetable

Workshop sizes can be anywhere from a handful of participants to as large as a busload of youth.

The duration of a workshop varies depending on the requirements of the facilitator. They can be anywhere from one workshop block to a full six-hour day.

Workshops happen over the course of two days and are broken into four 1.5 hour blocks on each day.

Chaperones Needed for Youth Under 18

If you are under 18, you need to attend all workshops with your chaperone. For chaperoned groups, it is important to make sure that everyone in the group attends the same session so your chaperone can remain with you.

Build Your Workshop Timetable

Building your GOV workshop timetable ahead of time will make the registration process the day of the event WAY easier! Take some time a few weeks before the event to talk with your group about the sessions you all want to attend and make a plan!

A full list of workshops is available in the GOV app and you can select your workshop now as well!

Interested in Facilitating a Workshop?

Check out our Workshop Facilitators page where you can learn about signing up as a workshop facilitator.